Celebrating Liv Austen’s new album at London’s Metal Works

Country-pop in all its glory with Liv Austen and A Moment Of Your Time. 

Norwegian singer-songwriter Liv Austen has been making waves in the country music scene with her infectious country pop. Just earlier this year she played the UK’s biggest country music festival C2C at London’s O2 arena. With debut album A Moment Of Your Time is released in October via NUA Entertainment, she took to the stage of London’s Metal Works to celebrate its release with support from Clara Bond and Tally Spear.

Kicking off her set with the infectious Miss Nobody, which is also the album’s opener, Austen spreads her signature good vibes and strong-female attitude. Miss Nobody is not only extremely catchy but also talks about an experience anyone who’s ever been cheated on can relate to. Austen takes that pain and turns into an empowering track that you’ll really want to turn up loud when you’ve had your heart broken.

With A Moment Of Your Time the singer delivered a stellar debut in country pop, a genre that is currently dominated by female singer-songwriters in the UK and US (even if some award ceremonies want to make you believe otherwise). Live, Austen exudes all the best bits of country and pop: the positivity and upbeat attitude of pop music and the honesty and relatability of everything we love about Nashville.

Want It More is just one of the tracks that are a perfect example of this. Sitting on the state line between pop and country, the ballad showcases Austen’s songwriting talent and ability to marry two genres that in the UK are still very much separate. For the last parts of the song, Liv Austenhas the room entirely silent as she plays the notes softly on the keyboard.

When Austen launches into Whole Heart it cements the fact that it’s one of the most beautiful tracks on A Moment Of Your Time. Its slightly more upbeat chorus and honest lyrics are what make it stand out, and all its highlights come through even more in a live setting.

Don’t Regret A Single One with upbeat drums and a positive message it encompasses the singer’s signature country-pop sound that is entirely radio-friendly, and not just for country radio. A bunch of “sadder” songs into the set, and just before Detour echoes through the room, Liv Austen takes the time to point out an important part about songwriting. “When you get the sad songs out you can be happy too – it’s important for your mental health.” She explains to a very captivated audience.

As we enter the encore and the evening comes to a close, it seems the audience is entirely in love with the singer-songwriter, and it’s clear why. Her approachable demeanor, expressive features, and addictive melodies make for the ideal package of an up and coming country-pop starlet.

Liv Austen sends us off into the night with her most successful single to date. Window Shopping has raked in over 24,000 streams on Spotify and one of the more country-influenced tracks on her debut record.