EP Review: Not Ur Girlfrenz – New Kids In America

Our favourite discovery of 2018 has delivered a big-sounding debut EP. 

Barely in their teens, Not Ur Girlfrenz is an all-girl, Texan rock outfit that are here to prove they mean business – busting out show-stealing performances with their high-energy songs, which cleverly combine instant pop-punk hooks with timeless old-school songwriting. And that is exactly what you’ll get on New Kids In America. 

Having toured the US and UK with Bowling For Soup, plus a slot on the final Cross Country US Vans Warped Tour which saw its founder Kevin Lyman declaring them ‘The future of women in rock or just rock in general’ and earning the band the title of ‘the Youngest Touring Band in Warped’s 24 year history’, Not Ur Girlfrenz bring with them an infectious fun and energy that only youth can provide.

New Kids In America grips you tight straight away, with album opener and single Warped. Make sure you turn this up loud! The girls manage to pack all the elements of a great pop-punk tune into one huge banger – catchy chorus, anthemic melodies and relatable lyrics.

The video for the track was filmed, you guessed it, throughout last year’s final Warped Tour. It features cameos from a range of the other superstar acts that were on stage alongside the band including Waterparks, As It Is and Mayday Parade.

Second track No One Asked You Anyway is also the band’s newest single. It’s a wonderful, kick-ass anthem that is a warning to everyone tempted to underestimate these ladies. “We’re tired of being pushed around / You’re never gonna slow us down / And we don’t care what you have to say / No one asked you anyway.” Vocalist Liv Haynes calls with her powerhouse voice. To be honest, what is not to love about a strong female anthem about refusing to be pushed around and not taken seriously?!

The EP’s lead single is a wonderful ode to the classic Kim Wilde track. Here the band mix their pop-rock sound with 80’s melodies and drums. Haynes’ voice also strongly reminds us of a young Kim Wilde in this one. Lyrically, the song focuses on how this new generation is growing up (on social media).

With Somehow Not Ur Girlfrenz showcase that besides writing killer fast-paced tracks, they can also pen gorgeous ballads. Starting off with just an acoustic guitar and Haynes on the vocals, Somehow talks about a relationship that’s meant to be. Think teenagers know nothing about love? Well, you’re wrong. Without overcomplicating it, the track takes teenage love and makes it feel grown-up.

Not Ur Girlfrenz debut EP closes with the powerful Friends Or Memories. The break-up song is something you’ll want to turn up loud while you’re trying to decide whether or not to stay friends. It once again shines a light on the high-energy, hook-laden tunes Not Ur Girlfrenz have packed onto New Kids In America for you. We simply cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for this trio.

We love nothing more than seeing female-fronted band making it in this scene we adore so much (because, let’s be honest it could do with a few more). If Not Ur Girlfrenz is the future of the Warped community then we say: Bring. It. On.