Anniversary tours we REALLY want to see in 2019

Maybe we can start a petition to make these happen, because we think they really should.

New records are great, and listening to new songs live is always an absolute treat. But it’s just as much fun to wallow in nostalgia and walk down memory lane of all the songs that you listened to when you first kissed your crush, or when you had your first fight with your loved one or that track you played on repeat that summer you finished school. So we took a look at albums that are due an anniversary this year and the correlating tours we’d love to see – in chronological order, though the one that’s at the top of our list is that My Chem anniversary tour…

Dolly Parton – 45 years of … Jolene
Released in 1974, Jolene marks Dolly Parton’s fourteenth studio album and contains her two biggest singles to date. Often underrated, Dolly is one of the most successful singer-songwriters of our time having written over 25 No 1 singles, and 41 top-ten albums, to just name a few achievements. So what we need in 2019 is to celebrate all of these achievements of the queen of country music, queen of big hair and queen of great advice!

Springsteen – 35 years of … Born In The USA
We couldn’t write this list without mentioning our personal hero. Springsteen’s break-through record Born In The USA was released in 1984 and propelled him into super-rock-stardom, filling stadiums across the globe. In December last year, the boss finished his 18-month residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York where he performed a nightly show to ca 1,900 people. While a Netflix special is great, what we really want is to shout along to No Surrender, Downbound Train, My Hometown and of course Born In The USA. Most of all, we want to put on our jeans and white tshirt and praying to the heavens for a Courtney Love moment.

Green Day – 25 years of … Dookie
Do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once… sing it  a little louder so Green Day can hear you in Oakland. It’s a classic, it’s the start of pop-punk, the kings of a new generation of punk bands that were the heroes of our scene and the songs that you still all know by heart. Recorded in 1999, we can’t think of a better time to celebrate Dookie! 

Red Hot Chili Peppers – 20 years of … Californication
Released in 1999 and produced by Rick Rubin, Californication marks the Red Hot Chili Peppers most commercially successful record and brought out a little bit of a softer side of the California rockers. And you can’t deny that you turn Californication, Otherside or Scar Tissue up loud when it comes on the radio.

The White Stripes – 20 years of … The White Stripes
in 2019, what the world needs is a reunion of the White Stripes and a tour to celebrate their self-titled debut of 1999. The album was recorded at Ghetto Recorders and Third Man Studios in Detroit and Jack White dedicated the record to deceased blues musician Son House.

Blink 182 – 20 years of … Enema Of The State
Enema Of The State was Blink-182’s breakthrough record and to this day, the line “Nobody likes you when you’re 23.” is at the back of every pop-punk fan’s mind. The video for What’s My Age Again caused much controversy with the band performing in the nude with only their guitars to cover their goods. But that’s not all, Enema Of The State also produced the legendary video that trolls some of the most successful pop acts of the time liek Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys.

My Chemical Romance – 15 years of … Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Okay, okay – we know this is a painful one, because My Chemical Romance aren’t together anymore, but we can live in hope, right? While Frank Iero and Gerard Way are busy bees working on solo projects (all of which are ace and deserve your undivided attention), we also really want to scream along to Helena and I’m Not Okay (I Promise). So if there’s an emo god somewhere, can we please make this happen?

Green Day – 15 years of … American Idiot
Oh hi again, Green Day. Hear us out, there’s a reason for a double inclusion (besides the fact that we LOVE Green Day). In these times of political unrest (aka, monkeys running most of the world’s biggest economies) there is no better time to bring out the angry lyrics of American Idiot that were originally meant for the Bush administration, but we all know applies to today’s climate as well. In 2004, Green Day rose from the ashes like a punk phoenix just to drag George W Bush about his Iraq policy, and the band’s 2016 release Revolution Radio took on what was to come, but there is just nothing like a punk rock opera concept album to give all this political frustration a platform. So it’s 15 years of American Idiot and 25 years of Dookie – if that isn’t cause for a Green Day celebration, we don’t know what is.

The Libertines – 15 years of … The Libertines
In 2004, English indie rock icons The Libertines released their self-titled sophomore record. The Libertines would be the last record before the band’s hiatus for ten years until 2015 saw the release of their third studio album Anthems For Doomed Youth. The wonderful mess that is The Libertines is simply one of a kind and so are their shows, so what we’d absolutely love is a chance to dance along to Can’t Stand Me Now and wonder What Became Of The Likely Lads. 

Avril Lavigne – 15 years of … Under My Skin
With Avril Lavigne releasing her first new music in over five years with new record Head Above Water, we took a look back at all the reasons we fell in love with her in the first place. And one of those reasons is the 2004 sophomore record Under My Skin. Avril was the girl that ruled pop-punk in our teenage years, the reason we had a bit too much attitude and the style icon that made us want to wear ties with tank tops and plaid skirts.

Simple Plan – 15 years of … Still Not Getting Any
Has it really been 15 years since Canadian pop-punks Simple Plan released Still Not Getting Any? Well according to the world wide web, this is exactly the case. Because in 2004 nothing made us feel more understood than Welcome To My Life: “To be hurt, to feel lost / To be left out in the dark / To be kicked when you’re down / To feel like you’ve been pushed around / To be on the edge of breaking down / And no one there to save you / No you don’t know what its like / Welcome to my life”

The Killers – 15 years of … Hot Fuss 2004
There has hardly been a debut record since the turn of the century that has sold as well as, and is still selling as well as The KIllers Hot Fuss. If you’re not breaking out into song and dance when you hear “Coming out of my cage…” or Somebody Told Me. they’re eternal indie bangers, and TV shows like The O.C. helped make indie rock into what it is today (as much as you might hate to admit it). So get out your inner Seth Cohen and pray for a Hot Fuss anniversary tour.

All Time Low – 10 years of … Nothing Personal 2009
Baltimore pop-punks All Time Low have had two huge years after the release of their latest record Last Young Renegade. Headlining festivals, playing an insane amount of shows across the globe and Dear Maria (Count Me In) was just crowned the most successful song in Hopeless Records history. So we think, why not continue the celebrations with a ten-year-anniversary tour of their third studio album Nothign Personal featuring tracks like Weightless and Lost In Stereo. Someone call Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack, we need this tour.

Arctic Monkeys – 10 years of …. Humbug 2009
Granted, Alex Turner & Co have just released a new album, and it’s a stellar one (though opinions are divided), but we think Humbug deserves its own little party. Innuendos are at an all-time high on Humbug, and Crying Lightning live is such an absolute treat that it’d be a shame to not give us a chance to hear it again.

Gaslight Anthem – 5 years of … Get Hurt 2014
Right, we have a confession to make, this is clutching at straws. Last summer’s anniversary tour for The ’59 Sound brought us back to all the good times we had with The Gaslight Anthem that we are living in hope for anything in 2019, although the chances of that happening are slim to not existent. But this gives us anotehr platform to defend Get Hurt as an excellent record, no matter what the critics say. It’s as emo as New Jersey rock will get, and a type-A break-up record. If you’re feeling the Gaslight Anthem blues, make sure you catch Brian Fallon on his solo acoustic tour this spring.

So there you go, our 2019 touring wishlist. If anyone has any contacts at the powers that be, can ya help us out? We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who’d love to see these happening.