Album Review: Taking Back Sunday – Twenty

Photo Credit: Natalie Escobedo

Celebrating two decades, Taking Back Sunday have released the ultimate highlight reel.

Taking Back Sunday’s 21-song anniversary collection was released this Friday via Craft Recordings and spans all seven of their full-length albums; 2002’s Tell All Your Friends, 2004’s Where You Want To Be, 2006’s Louder Now, 2009’s New Again, 2011’s Taking Back Sunday, 2014’s Happiness Is and 2016’s Tidal Wave.

Best Of albums are always a bit tricky and can often alienate die-hard fans when the band only pick the singles and don’t really curate the compilation with those fans in the back of their mind. Taking Back Sunday however, have managed to perfectly walk the thin line between the two. It’s nostalgic and offers some fan favorites, but it also serves as a great intro to TBS in one swift go. All with a sprinkle of the band’s future added on top.

The tracks take the journey on a discographic journey from the band’s very beginnings to what’s next. Starting off with the emotional Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team), taken from their 2002 Tell All Your Friends debut. To this day, it remains a solid choice for any emo playlist and is the ideal choice to kick off a career retrospective.

Tracks from their debut album you can also find on Twenty are You’re So Last Summer and Timberwolves At New Jersey. As Taking Back Sunday take you through their career, track by track, we’re sure this will be a wonderful trip down memory lane for many TBS fans with tracks like MakeDamnSure off of their 2006 record Louder Now. 

What is the real treasure about this release is the final two songs. They offer a peek at what looks to be the band’s next record. All Ready To Go holds a lot of that old punk feel along with Adam Lazzara’s iconic lead vocals. A Song For Dan closes the collection with a beautiful ballad, that is haunting and touching.

In addition to the most other formats, Taking Back Sunday are offering an exclusive 2-LP “panther’s eye” vinyl edition of the compilation, plus new merchandise via the band’s official store. Also available is a “koi pond” vinyl variant, offered exclusively from the Craft Recordings web store (in a limited quantity) or via your local independent record store. So for all you vinyl lovers out there, this is one you’ll want to have!

Throughout 2019, Taking Back Sunday will be embarking on an extensive worldwide tour, paying tribute to their catalog – and their fans – with full album performances.