EP Review: The Sunday Sadness – The Sunday Sadness

Dark pop listening pleasure courtesy of The Sunday Sadness coming your way this Friday. 

Bordeaux, France-based Dark Pop/Electro band The Sunday Sadness will be releasing their self-titled EP on 15 February.

The boys in TSS are mainly influenced by artists like the 1975, HOME, Chase Atlantic, BTS and My Chemical Romance. They started writing with the idea of mixing Synthwave music with their Alternative Rock and Hip-hop music influences while evolving into a nostalgic, sad and nocturnal atmosphere.

The Sunday Sadness EP is a collection of seven sad songs that depict the fate of someone that lost it all. Ambition, love, relationships, and especially the will to connect with a modern society that failed us. It was really important for us to entirely self-produce this record. We wrote, tracked and mixed everything on our own. We spent a huge amount of time demoing, trying a thousand different structures and arrangements on every track of this EP because we wanted to come up with a genre that we own. We finally managed to mix our synth-wave, alt-rock, hip-hop and emo influences into a style that we like to call dark-pop. We’re really proud of this EP and we’ve already started working on numerous demos for a future record, so stay tuned.” says lead vocalist Matthieu Kirby about the EP.

Kicking off the seven-track release is slow-paced tune Lost In The Crowd. It immediately provides a certain dark, moody atmosphere that you will note to be The Sunday Sadness’ signature across the record, making it feel like a mixtape you’d pop in for a late night drive.

Damn I Hate It is among the tracks that has this catchy and very melodic 80’s synth pop vibe to it, and Kirby’s vocals fit it perfectly.

Someone is about ending up alone after losing your lover and trying to figure out what life is going to be like without them. The song is softer than we would usually write and it definitely has a huge retro-wave vibe to it. It felt just right to have John singing a lot more than usual on this one. The music video shows each member of the band failing at trying to cope with losing their special someone.” Matthieu Kirby explains about the band’s recent single.

The Hunger will one hundred percent make it onto your tracks to play on repeat after just one listen. The synth-infused melody, unforgettable chorus and that killer guitar solo make for a lucious combination.

For second to last track The Wrong Way, The Sunday Sadness amp up the tempo a notch, or two actually. Oddly, if you were to tell us someone combined rap verses with pop-punk style choruses and made it work, we’d probably think you’re crazy. But fact is, TSS have managed just this while never losing their sound.

Going out with a slightly softer bang in the shape of Sad Songs, The Sunday Sadness’ drummer John Fine delivers once again a memorable beat, highlighting the changing melodies. Is it the best track to close the EP with? Maybe not. Will this, and let’s be honest the rest of the record, sound amazing in a live setting? Hell to the yes.


The same energy is kept on closer, ‘Sad Songs’, leaning on John Fine‘s drumbeats to push the group’s interchanging melodies to the forefront. The track itself highlights their skill at hooks, with the final chorus changing its lead line to impressive results.

On their self-titled EP The Sunday Sadness take 80s synths and add a big dash of dark pop to create a record that you’ll want to keep on your playlist for a long time.