Listen to Birthmarks’ new track ‘How Do You Rule Me’

The band have also announced their debut album for September.

Birthmarks are excited to share their brooding new track How Do You Rule Me taken from their debut album …And Then The Rain Stopped set for release on 20 September, 2019.

How Do You Rule Me is the result of a sobering realisation that I had an unhealthy obsession with someone that had completely taken over my life. It creates a very ugly version of yourself, completely contrived and pre-planned to the point that you lose yourself. I felt anchored in the middle of an emotional ocean by this person with no land in sight. The worst part of this kind of obsession is that you start to enjoy it, it becomes a part of you and part of your identity. They become the reason you do anything” says Daniel Cross.

…And Then The Rain Stopped is co-produced by the band’s vocalist Daniel Cross and engineer/collaborator Lorenzo De Feo. The album was recorded at The Garage Studios, Hertfordshire and mastered by John Davies (Gorillaz, Joy Division, Savages) at Metropolis Studios. Dark, seductive, treacherous and clever, the record is a masterful collection of tales themed around time, sex and obsession with a hefty dose of loss, regret and abandon, perfectly soundtracked by Birthmarks’ unique genre-bending take on discord and electronica.

The writing for the album coincided with the breakdown of an 8-year relationship, with Cross re-writing the majority of his lyrics and continually editing right up until the day he recorded vocals for the record. The brazenly personal lyrical content of the album draws you in deeper, with the album linked by common themes rather than a song by song basis.

Birthmarks are a London based rock band born from the ashes of their earlier moniker Little Death Machine, fusing elements of electronica, trip-hop and rock with an introspective take on songwriting, experimentation and production. The album is full of powerfully emotive songs that are delivered with raw, unapologetic honesty and paint a captivating landscape of the human condition.