Panic State release new track ‘System Kings’

The London-based alt-rock trio have also shared a video for the new single.

Panic State’s gritty guitar riffs and heavy, electronica influenced beats pay homage to Muse, Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood, and the band have an innate ability to craft irresistible alt/rock ear worms. Just last week they released their latest single System Kings, which is inspired by the struggle of ordinary people within a system that is not designed to support their needs but rather those of the elite. The song follows the life of a fictional individual who experiences how, from a young age, the system sets them on a path upon which they can be exploited for their labour and time. The message of the song was inspired by the divisive nature of politics at the moment.

Originally formed as a secondary school cover band by Tweddle and Dunleavy, the band settled on the name Panic State in 2014. Horton joined in late 2015, first as a bassist and then also as lead vocalist. They started writing in their home studios, combining various electronic, metal and alt/rock influences in a fiery furnace of blistering riffs, complex time signatures and soaring, orchestral segways.
Sharp suited and musically adventurous, Panic State made a strong statement of intent with their debut single Derail which received excited BBC Introducing support and features on a host of blogs on its release in late 2018.