Get Your Head Straight deliver debut single & video ‘Excuses’

The Milton Keynes pop-punk quintet have just released their debut single along with a video that highlights the energy the band are delivering.

Talking about the new single, lead vocalist Tyler Hall comments: “Sometimes you really need to find the positive and self expression can really be good route to take. The lyrics talk of years of an on and off attachment not living up to what you’d dreamt it to be. I’m not specifically talking about myself within the lyrics but by combining an upbeat melody and all the energy we could give, we hope to support a healthier outlook. I hope it to be not just something people can relate to but also a way for them to move forward, as the track talks about heartbreak meanwhile feeling positive and uplifting.

Excuses starts an exciting chapter for Get Your Head Straight. It’s the first track from the EP we’ll be releasing in June and I love the fact that it serves as a great introduction to us as a band. If you like this track, you’re gonna love the EP!”

Check out the video for Excuses right now:

Excuses is the first single to be released from the bands forthcoming debut EP that is being released on 7 June. Both the single and EP are a great showcase of what you can expect from Get Your Head Straight. Capturing the raw energy usually only found in a live setting on a studio recording is no easy task, frenetic, frenzied fun from Milton Keynes.