Listen to Breather’s new single ‘Your Body Separates’

Photo Credit: @gingerdope

The band are supporting Holding Absence on 29 June in Doncaster.  

Off the back of a stellar third ever live show at The Great Escape affiliated The Alternative Escape this weekend just gone, Breather have revealed their third single, complete with epic music video. Directed by Ryan Mackfall, the clip sees the band performing, and a narrative unfolding in, opulent surroundings, as well as featuring some breathtaking shots of British coastline.

The visuals echo the song’s theme, with vocalist Sam Irvine commenting “Your Body Separates is about witnessing someone’s personality begin to shift and fragment. They purposefully push away the things most important to them, choosing to adopt a new version of themselves.”

Breather made an impression with the release of their debut single The Blue earlier this year with the track getting plays on both BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang! Radio. For fans of Thrice, Saosin and Deftones, Breather’s approach elevates a classic sound to heady heights with a blend of soaring, emotionally driven vocals with intricate guitar melodies and dynamic, beat-heavy rock. Your Body Separates is only the third single from Breather but you can count on much more to come from this overwhelmingly promising British band.

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