Decay open up about alcoholism and family rifts on new single ‘Lullaby’

Liverpool Emo newcomers to release debut EP Modern Conversation on 5 July 2019 via Fox Records.

The closing track to the record, Lullaby succinctly draws a line under the main theme of the EP and adds plenty of context, as vocalist Danny Reposar explains: “This song mainly tells the story of when I gave up trying to help my dad overcome his alcoholism and move on with my own life.”

“The lines ‘you’re haunting the halls of this house, but you never seem to open your mouth’ are referencing him not being able to help himself and attempt to overcome his addiction, and for me that was the main tipping point that led to me moving out of my childhood home and focusing on myself and my own life. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but ultimately a decision in my life I had to make.”

The record’s title, Modern Conversation, resonates with the references to alcoholism that litter the EP, and was taken from an art history lecture that Reposar attended.

“It was the title of a section about an intricate painting of people fighting each other and generally acting aggressively,” he explains. The design would often be displayed within a communal wine jug, the idea being that after drinking the wine the picture would be displayed at the bottom, reflecting the drinker’s current state. “This resonated with me heavily at the time of writing the record,” says Reposar, “as I’ve been surrounded by alcoholism for most of my life.”