Bowling For Soup give ‘Girls All The Bad Guys Want’ the 2019 treatment

‘Cos she’s watchin’ UFC, likin’ guys with neck tats, listening to Bring Me, got Post Malone on Snapchat!

The year is 2002 and Bowling For Soup cement their global popularity with the hit single Girl All The Bad Guys Want, littered with iconic references to the era, legions of fans repeatedly sing along and only afterwards think, “what the hell is a two-way?”.

One such group of fans, Radio One DJ Jordan North and his production team, wanted to give the track a makeover and update the lyrics to be 2019 friendly. And the result, is as brilliant as it is hilarious!

Recorded live in the Radio One studio at Reading Festival 2019, Jaret Reddick and Rob Felicetti battle the heat in the studio and muscle memory of singing the band’s most well known song to create a fresh new take on Girl All The Bad Guys Want.

Girl All The Bad Guys Want was released in 2002 and reached number 8 in the official UK singles chart and number one in the official indie and rock charts. Bowling For Soup received a Grammy nomination in 2003 for the track under the category Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo.

Taken from the bands’ iconic album Drunk Enough To Dance, Girl All The Bad Guys Want had an iconic video that, like the lyrics, references what was hot at the time such as Staind, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot.

The music video was selected to be the last to be played on the British music channel Scuzz directly before its closure on 15 November 2018.