Not Ur Girlfrenz unveil ‘Song About You’

Our favourite Texas pop-rock trio is back with a brand new track. 

Teen sensations, Not Ur Girlfrenz have shared their brand new track Song About You, the first new music following their hit EP New Kids In America. Everything the band does is surrounded by their youth and energy, along with a musical excellence that excels their years. Not Ur Girlfrenz are telling their story, their way and enjoying every minute of the journey.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, songwriter Liv Haynes (vocal & guitar) explains : “This song is basically a page from my diary. Having a private place to let my thoughts/feelings out is very important to me and a big part of my songwriting. I was frustrated with a “know-it-all” in my life…Someone who I tried to please at first, but eventually had enough of.

I feel like most people at some point have to deal with that kind of person, and for the people who choose not to write songs about it, I have one for you to jam out in your car or bedroom to.”

A call to arms from rock legend Bryan Adams back in 1984 “Everywhere I go, the kids wanna rock” is playing itself out in real time with high-energy, power pop trio, Not Ur Girlfrenz. Barely in their teens, this all-girl, Texan rock outfit are here to prove they mean business – busting out show-stealing performances with their high-energy songs, which cleverly combine instant Pop Punk hooks with timeless old-school songwriting.

Inheriting a love of classic rock bands (the likes of Joan Jett, U2 and Heart) from their parents and combining it with a love of current pop and rock, such as Paramore and Fall Out Boy, NOT UR GIRLFRENZ – Liv Haynes (14) Guitar & Vocals, Maren Alford (15) Drums, Gigi Haynes (12) Bass – quickly forged their own distinct identity. This soon caught the attention of Grammy-Nominated Songwriter Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup, who saw an opportunity to work with a promising and exciting new band – something vocalist Liv describes as a “pinch me moment” working alongside one of her musical heroes.