Cory Wells announces tour for 2020

The singer’s new album The Way We Are is ste for release on 15 November.

Acoustic singer/songwriter Cory Wells has announced that he will be touring Europe /UK in January 2020 with special guest Lizzy Farrall. This tour follows next months support with Dashboard Confessional and off the back of releasing his debut full-length album, The Way We Are (out 15 November via Pure Noise Records.). He’s also just shared new single Broken. 

“It was the first time I’d ever been the one to break up with somebody,” Wells shares. “I remember walking down the stairs of her apartment complex to go back home, and I was so upset at the top of the stairs. By the time I got to the bottom, I didn’t even care anymore. The song represents that emotional roller coaster: It starts out big, and when it’s done, it ends really soft, like ‘I’m over it.’” says Cory Wells.

Across his debut album’s 12 songs, Wells plays the role of shapeshifter: Just when you’ve got him figured out, he unleashes new musical elements – a ferocious scream (“Walk Away”) that eventually gives way to soaring falsetto (“Cement”), stirring acoustic guitar that crescendos into fiery full-band fare. The ghosts of new-era emo torchbearers (including Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba, a contributor on “Fall Apart”) are alive and well in his lush beds of acoustic-based rock, but Wells isn’t actively summoning them. Rather, he’s a decidedly patient songwriter, waiting for the right time to pair a searing lyric with the throat-shredding vocal performance it demands.

Wells launched his solo project in 2017 with his first release for Pure Noise Records, the How to Tear Apart the Ones You Love EP, and follow-up single “End of a Good Thing” quickly became a viral hit in 2018, racking up millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams and introducing fans around the world to Wells’ storytelling.

At this point in his still-young career as a solo artist, Wells is in an enviable position: As a true student of music in all its styles and forms (“Every genre has its place, and I appreciate something from all of it.”), he’s a songwriter without limits. He’s already masterfully distilled the songs of his youth – the emotional ferocity of metal, the heart-on-sleeve confessionalism of emo and salt-of-the-earth universality of folk – into the music of his present, and looking forward, there seems to be no telling how Wells’ music will evolve from here.

You get the sense the singer prefers it that way. As it stands, he’s having too much fun keeping listeners – and even himself – anticipating what will come next. “I could write a ton of different styles of songs, but as long as I sing them like I mean it, the songs will resonate,” he says. “I played metal because I liked it. I play this music because I love it.”

Cory Wells 2020 UK tour with special guest Lizzy Farrall
17 Januaray – Germany Cologne @ MTC Bar
19 Januaray – Germany Leipzig @ Naumanns
20 Januaray – Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
21 Januaray – Germany Berlin @ Auster Club
22 Januaray – Germany Frankfurt @ Ponyhof
23 Januaray – Belgium Antwerp @ Bouckenborgh
24 Januaray – UK London @ St Pancras Old Church
25 Januaray – UK Birmingham @ The Victoria