Young States impress at Water Rats

The band celebrate the release of their recent single Stand Alone with a show in central London

Young States’ first incarnation started off when lead vocalist Georgia was just 17. The band released two hook-laden EP’s with Down To You and Past Truths / Present Lies. Eventually, the band decided to take some time out and when they regrouped half of the original line-up went different paths, Libby and Georgia welcomed new drummer Ben Brennan and Young States 2.0 was born.

The alt-rock outfit had their work cut out for them – a rainy evening and on top of that a Monday which in London usually means people prefer to stay home. Well, we’d like to make it know that if you did, in fact, stay home because it was a rainy Monday eve, you sure missed out. The band’s warm welcomes and spirited stage presence not only made us feel part of the family but also had us hooked on what tracks they’d play next.

If we weren’t swooning over Georgia’s beautiful vocals, Libby had us intrigued with her multi-instrumentalism in various songs – or can you play riffs one second and drum the next? Yeah, same! And with tracks like Tell A Lie, Fool’s Paradise or Over It by Now we are one hundred percent keen on seeing where this second incarnation of Young States is heading.

Young States leave us on this October night with their recent single Stand Alone, which is about trying to figure out what is yourself and what is anxiety when you struggle with mental health. Georgia recently said about the track “It was cool being able to write about anxiety from a different perspective, and the idea of trying to separate yourself from it. This inspired the idea for the single shots in the music video, with the lighting solely on us so it seems like we’re isolated.”

The track was also the first song the band wrote after their hiatus and, as Libby states, made them remember why they started the band in the first place.

And as the set finished the band mingled with everyone in the room and said hello, which only made us like them even more because who doesn’t like a band that’s appreciative of their audience? Never change, Young States!

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