Breather celebrate the release of their debut EP in London with In The Cards

On the day of the release of Breather’s debut EP The Blue, the band played Soho venue The Social with stellar support from In The Cards. 

It was a big day for promising new British band Breather – celebrating the release of their debut EP The Blue at London’s The Social, the band proved just why they’re one of the UK’s biggest hopes for rock music. And if that wasn’t treat enough, alt-rock piece from Stoke In The Cards were there to join the party.

Releasing their EP The Path that same week, In The Cards started things off with Thoughts Colliding. The track perfectly showcases vocalist Amy Colclough’s huge range and intensity. Alongside their new EP, the band also present tracks off their previous EP Eyes Beyond Reflection, such as the more bouncy Mazes as well as the heavy The Only Thing. What becomes clear is the evolution between the two EPs. The Path while still harbouring the same intensity and brilliant vocals, is a little sleeker and more defined.

The band close their set with recent single Disguise, which talks about the struggles of living with mental health issues and how we put on fronts for people to hide the turmoil going on inside. In The Cards are no strangers to putting their own experiences into words and melodies, but with Disguise they’ve truly created something not only relatable but melodically captivating as well.

Breather tracked and engineered everything on The Blue themselves apart from drums, which were recorded at The Ranch in Southampton by Lewis Johns and Dom Wright. So when the band kick things off with second single Hollow it comes as no surprise that the passion behind the EP can be felt throughout the room. Roaring guitars and heavy guitars fill the room, while the anthemic choruses play back in our heads over and over. The intricate guitar melodies and pounding drum beats also come to light on the EP’s title track.

The quartet’s third single Your Body Separates really draws you in with its eerie melodies and pleading vocals. A track of which vocalist Sam Irving has previously said “Your Body Separates is about witnessing someone’s personality begin to shift and fragment. They purposefully push away the things most important to them, choosing to adopt a new version of themselves.”

Closing the set is a song that also closes the EP. Golden Soul and its absolutely huge chorus reaffirm our appreciation for Breather and their massive talent. Vocalist and guitarist Sam Irvine said “Golden Soul relates to a moment in your life where you realise you’ve committed to something that you know is not going to make you happy in the long run. You see that there is a way out of the situation, but you have to accept that it may get worse before it gets better.” Keep your eyes peeled for this band in 2020.