Listen to Trophy Eyes’ new single ‘Figure Eight’

Trophy Eyes have released Figure Eight – the new single and follow up to 2018’s critically-acclaimed album, The American Dream.

On the meaning behind the song, lead singer, John Floreani, shared “Figure Eight is about time lost. It is the sound of a broken heart, the deafening silence of a couple once in love, and a fleeting dream told from two perspectives – one is of failure and the other of resentment.” Describing the couple, John continues, “The song is about a man who had given himself entirely, still desperately grasping at straws of success and a woman left to pick up the pieces of the reality.”

Having recently announced the Figure Eight Tour, the first chance for fans to see the anthemic rock-powerhouse on an Australian headline tour in over a year – the band is looking to give fans a unique opportunity to see Trophy Eyes in some of Australia’s most iconic and intimate venues.

Trophy Eyes now leads a new wave in rock music, blending their punk and hard-core roots with modern rock and pop sensibilities. Known for their brutally honest and emotional storytelling and lyricism combined with one of the most energetic live shows on the circuit, Trophy Eyes has once again captured the sobering realism and wistful heartbreak of life with Figure Eight.