Jamie Lenman releases new single and video ‘Like Me Better’

His new mini album King Of Clubs is out this Friday on BSM. 

Jamie Lenman has released a brand new single and video for ‘Like Me Better’, the final track to be taken from his brand new mini album of original material ‘King Of Clubs,’ due out 25 September through Big Scary Monsters.

On ‘Like Me Better’ – “Like Me Better was one of the tracks I added to the album when I decided I wanted to make something with a bit more depth than an EP. I had to go against my instincts and trust the strength of the song in order to not fuss it up or make it more complex than it needed to be – just three chords and a slow beat. I ended up whacking a big riff at the end of it cos I love big riffs but otherwise it’s a very simple tune, and probably better for it.”

“Lyrically it’s about things that repulse you at first but later you come to appreciate. This could apply to food or music or anything that provokes a strong reaction but in this instance it’s definitely about people and physical attraction. When people talk about having a secret crush, it’s usually about someone who looks a bit odd but nevertheless has a certain something about them. The whole record is about complex, contradictory and potentially uncomfortable feelings so it fits right in.”

Also, on the video (featuring Mrs Jamie Lenman, Katie) – “I only had enough budget for one video off this record – the rest were made up of stock footage and group efforts. Handily though, my wife is a model amongst other things so when I sat in on one of her shoots, it looked so excellent I asked her if she wouldn’t mind miming the track a couple of times to camera. She knew it from listening to the rough mixes and luckily the photographer was Scott Chalmers, who films most of my stuff anyway, so he agreed to grab a few takes and it only took about ten minutes. It’s such a sexy song that I thought people wouldn’t want to be looking at me anyway, so better to have it sung by the sexiest person I know. The big old TV was part of the original setup and later we shot a couple of inserts so I could appear on it but really it’s Mrs Lenman’s video, hers and Scott’s. They organised it, they styled it, it was their project – I’m just grateful they didn’t mind me hijacking the whole thing for my own ends.”

‘King Of Clubs’ is a record returning Jamie Lenman back to his roots as a song writer, whilst also allowing him to push his creative mind with it not being a full blown, full length album. ‘King Of Clubs’ is a follow up to 2018’s brilliant ‘Shuffle’, his 3rd full length solo album and a record of reinterpretations and covers that incorporated pop tracks, pieces of literature, film scores, computer game music and more

Live wise, there will be some dates to announce in the next month for 2021 (and maybe even 2020) but Jamie Lenman will be playing a full electric live show as a ‘pay-what-you-want’ deal on Sunday September 27th at 7pm with Vans For Bands, streamed over on his and their Facebook.

“As much as I enjoyed the acoustic shows I did at Signature Brew and playing in front of a live audience again, King Of Clubs is an aggressive record and I’m looking forward to bringing a full electric assault on the 27th. My drummer Jack and I have been working hard on the new material and VFB are old friends so it’s looking like it’s going to be a bit of a party with plenty of surprises in store…don’t miss it!”

This follows three sold out live dates at Signature Brew in August, as well as other recent shows for the likes of Dork Magazine (as part of their amazing ‘Homeschool’ Festival), 2000screens (the online 2000trees Festival in early July), Kerrang! Radio, PRS, Ticket Master and more. He has also performed 4 live and free ‘Total Request Live’ shows direct from his house, since April.