The Sad Song Co. shares details of new album

Saudade will be released on 22 January 2021 – listen to Feeding now.

Nigel Powell AKA The Sad Song Company has announced a new solo album: ‘Saudade’ for release on 22 January 2021. The news comes as Powell also announces his departure as long-standing drummer of Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls.

In a statement about his new solo work and the decision to part-ways with the backing band, Powell says:

“Many things have been afoot and I have much to share with you in the next few months. The biggest change is with a heavy heart I must announce that after 14 years my musical journey with Frank Turner has come to an end. I am intensely proud of my contribution to his body of work as part of one of the finest bands I can think of, and to have met so many of you wonderful people along the way. While it is a big change, I am looking forward to focussing on The Sad Song Co.”

With a new album as The Sad Song Co. finished and already in the pipeline for early next year, Powell is pleased to announce its first official single “Feeding”. Set for release on 6th November 2020, you can watch the video now:

Impacting the week of the US election, “Feeding” is notably both political and poignant. Inspired by a fever dream Powell had involving “a powerful, orange man who inherited great wealth and power, and uses it to buy the key to immortality”; it’s a song that weighs-up the forces of power, responsibility and karma.

“When terrible people do terrible things there’s always the temptation to hope for a deferred judgement, that maybe there the karmic wheel will turn at the time of death.” muses Powell of the track. “But perhaps justice doesn’t exist. If there is a heaven, maybe it will be owned by the same dismal frat caste as this mortal coil.”

With clipped percussive beats, pulsing electronics and abstract time-signature changes, “Feeding” finds Powell in experimental mood and branching-out from the melancholia tinted chamber-pop of his 2018 album ‘Worth’. Stemming from two tracks dating back to 1995 when Powell was writing with an earlier musical incarnation called: Mundaka; “Feeding” may be one of the oldest songs to feature on his upcoming release: ‘Saudade’, but hints at an artist preparing to break away in new and exciting directions.

Written, recorded, played and mixed entirely by Powell, The Sad Song Co. will release a new album ‘Saudade’ on 22nd January 2021. Comprising 11 songs, it’s a record that will touch upon love and loss, politics and the pandemic, and finding your way through a world upside down.