Album Review: Bearings – Hello, It’s You

Ontario-based pop-punk outfit Bearings have released their brand new record Hello, It’s You via Pure Noise Records earlier this year in November. We dove into the Courtney Ballard produced album and we’re here to tell you, it’s a piece not to be missed for all fans of solid catchy melodies  with a whole bunch of emotions.

Let’s be honest, as far as pop-punk and alternative music goes 2020 has been fire (even though for the rest of it, it’s mostly been a dumpster fire at best). And on that list of stellar 2020 releases is Canadian five piece Bearings and their sophomore album Hello, It’s You, follow-up to 2018’sBlue In The Dark.

First track Better Yesterday kicks off with what Bearings do best – happy, upbeat melodies and lyrics about love and better times passed. On the following track and latest single Sway the band showcase their influences of 00’s pop punk in the best way, whilst adding a heavy dose of riffs across the chorus and verse.

Sway is a tongue in cheek track about someone who thinks they are way too damn cool,” says vocalist Doug Cousins. “The song came about pretty quickly and once we got going with it, we knew it was going to be the first single we wanted everyone…. we wanted something everyone could move to. Something with a raw dose of energy.”

Much of Hello It’s You is about failed relationships and heartache, and whilst that may sound a bit depressing it’s classic pop punk and we’re here for it. The lyrics are always relatable, though some of them maybe to older former emo kids who know what a burnt CD is but then again it’s all about nostalgia these days so really, the boys are hitting the nail on the head.

Some of the slower tracks really stand out and feel more like that band are exploring new avenues more on tracks like Lovely Lovely. The song feels a lot more modern and though never losing sight of the overall sound and feel of the record, it shines a bright light on where Bearings could be taking their music in future.

Similarly on Dreams Bearings dive into a much more electronic-infused sound, almost the 1975 like. But again it works, instead of creating an album that is entirely different they opted to experiment here and there, and really focuse on what could and couldn’t work whilst still having lots on the record for pop-punk fans to love.

Finishing off the album with Transient Colors is a clever ending to Hello, It’s You. the track fuses the experimental side and the melodic happy side of the record into one anthemic masterpiece.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years is that Canadian rock music is mainly extremely underappreciated and we’re here to tell you, Bearings are worth a spin or two – or a few more because once you get hooked on Hello, It’s You you won’t be able to switch it off.