Okay folks, time to get to know BLACKGOLD and their second single Sorry, so you can say “I knew them before they blew up” or even just to discover some sick new music. Whatever your vibe, this band really is A VIBE.

The band’s self-titled EP is set for release on 13 May 2022 and will feature Sorry as well as debut single It’s Art. Thanks to a whole lot of new yound fans in the metal and punk scene, diversity is growing and nu-metal is making a well deserved comeback – but better (no offense, Limp Bizkit). But even if we ignore the genre, some of music’s best tracks were born of collabs between rock and rap – exhibit A: Aerosmith and Run DMC. I rest my case.

Born out of remand centres and community service programmes, BLACKGOLD are a band of misfit troublemakers who have spent their lives on the wrong side of the law. A chance encounter with a careers advisor led to the discovery that believe it or not, being a musician is a real actual job. Not only that, a job that can earn you a real crust, for minimum effort. Always keen to diversify their business portfolio, BLACKGOLD are here to kick up the dust, drop some real shit and bring back NU-METAL. And boy are we here for it! Now sit back and listen to this absolute banger: