4 ways to discover new bands to love

Do you want to find new music to listen to in 2023? Don’t worry we got you!

If one of your goals for the new year is to expand your musical horizon we applaud you. At the best of times, aren’t we all stuck on a loop with our favorite bands? Guilty as charged, officer. But there is so much great music out there, up and coming acts you probably haven’t even heard about are dying for your attention.

So here’s how to find your latest obsession, in no particular order.

1. Support Slots

Okay we said no particular order, but this is definitely our favourite way of discovering new music. Get to your gig early, check out all the supports, and fall in love with a band or artist that is probably very similar to the band you’re seeing anyway. Move over Spotify algorithm, this is the OG way to fall in love with new artists. Plus, you’re supporting your local venue by buying that extra beer and not to forget the benefit of getting to chose the best spot in the house (I hear the barriers calling!).

2. Music Blogs

Not to toot our own horn, but toot toot! Find a bunch of music blogs to follow, who will tell you all about up and coming acts in a genre you like. And not to forget, find music photographers on social media and maybe discover a new artist you like from plain looks (hey, it’s art!) and finding out they make pretty sick music too.

3. TikTok

Ahh the clock app. Some would argue that TikTok is causing more havoc on the music industry than it’s doing good. And whilst that may be true for some, its incredibly intelligent algorithm will suggest artists you may like and never even heard of before. You need to give it some time, not everything will be a hit and the algorithm does need to learn, so if you’re just watching cat videos or thirst traps all day (yeah, I feel attacked too) then you may not be so lucky with the new obsession, though you may end up adopting a cat. So win-win, really.

4. Grassroots Venues

In a post-Covid world, I cannot stress enough how important this one is. A lot of your current favorite artists and bands had their breaks in a local venue that would lend them a mic and a stage. Make sure you check out local listings and go to gigs that seem interesting. The main upsides besides possibly discovering your new favorite band?

It’s sustainable (you’re not traveling far), it’s cheap most of the time, you’re supporting local businesses, and you may be seeing the next Ed Sheeran or Beatles or Arctic Monkeys – you never know.