Listen to Thru It All’s new single Tangled

Oklahoma natives, Thru It All, have released their latest single and accompanying video “Tangled” – their first full release of 2023. Incorporating the band’s heavier influences and leaning into more hardcore elements, “Tangled” explores the tumultuous ebbs and flows of a relationship and the inherent effect someone can have on your life.

With the release of “Tangled,” Thru It All hopes to showcase the group’s musical diversity and offer a glimpse into their future release. “‘Tangled’ incorporates a lower tuning and heavier vocals in the bridge than the band’s usual sound,” the band shares of their new release.

The band continues, “‘Tangled’ is about coming to the realization that no matter how much effort you give to a certain relationship or situation, it is just not going to work out; feeling completely done with the feeling of hopelessness and moving on.”

Shot throughout their old hometown neighborhood and in an abandoned location in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the video for “Tangled” is reminiscent of the carefree attitude of heavier, hardcore music from the mid-2000s.

“We shot this video in our home town, after multiple ‘NO’ responses to our emails about filming in other abandoned locations,” the group shares. “We remembered this place and thought, ‘Wow, that’s too perfect!’ It’s an old, broken down, abandoned building on a small sideroad right in the neighborhood we grew up in; [which is] now hidden by woods, fallen trees, and vines. The abandoned, worn down aesthetic of the video matches the feel of the song and lyrical content perfectly by hinting at the, ‘you left me hanging’ lines about abandonment, loss, and coinciding with the feeling that you might not rebuild or ‘never be the same’ after enduring something emotionally heavy.”

“Tangled” was written by Nicholas Anderson of Thru It All and William Dew Music, produced by Nicholas Anderson, mixed and mastered by Erik Colvin at Sonderland Studios Los Angeles. The video was created by Mike Cambiano.

Feb. 3—Killer’s Tacos—Denton, TX
Feb. 11—The Rev Room—Little Rock, AR
Feb. 18—SoundPony—Tulsa, OK
March 3—Secret Show—Tahlequah, OK
April 13—89th Street—Oklahoma City
April 28—Dewains Of Tahlequah—Tahlequah, OK
May 18—George’s Majestic Lounge—Fayetteville, AR