The XCERTS have signed to UNFD – listen to their new single

Aberdeen-via-Brighton alt-pop-rock trio THE XCERTS have announced their signing to UNFD. Along with the news comes their striking new single “GIMME”.

“GIMME” hits the ground running and shows the band at their fully fledged new-selves; its distorted pop sound feeds off their established work but shows the band at a creative and adventurous stage in their career. The chop-cut guitars, urgent vocals, and explosive production push “GIMME”s’ pop credentials to their limits and create a perfect sonic sledgehammer. The accompanying video, directed by Zak Pinchin, bottles up that energy; he holds the viewer by the metaphorical ankles and shakes for one minute and forty five seconds – a perfect visual to accompany this fresh chapter of The XCERTS evolution.

On writing the track, the band said; “It’s been too long since we last released new music and we wanted to reintroduce ourselves with a rebirth of sorts. ‘GIMME’ is our most bombastic piece of work, sonically and musically, so it felt like the perfect introduction to the new era. Unapologetically in your face and written with complete artistic freedom. Lyrically, it’s more observational than gut-wrenchingly personal; when burning desire meets apathy, it’s both comical and pitiful, which makes for one hell of a scene.”

In addition to the single, THE XCERTS have signed a multi-album, worldwide record contract with Australian independent label UNFD. On the signing, frontman Murray Macleod commented; “We’re over the moon to have joined the UNFD family. It’s perhaps the first time in our career we have signed with a label who are as passionate about the band as we are. We feel very fortunate to be taken on by such a brilliant and versatile company this deep into our career.”

Stay tuned for more coming soon from THE XCERTS.