Hundred Reasons share latest single So So Soon

At the tail end of last year, Hundred Reasons announced that their first album together in 15 years, Glorious Sunset, is due for release on 24 February 2023 via SO Recordings.

Sharing the lead single and title track ‘Glorious Sunset’, the response was ecstatic from fans and press alike – Louder stating that “the timing couldn’t be more perfect, (Glorious Sunset is) a thumping rock anthem signaling a very welcome return from the British band.” and NME proclaiming the comeback “a moody, cinematic and emotive song driven by the group’s trademark post-hardcore energy.”

After the follow-up single ‘New Glasses’ in December suggested that Hundred Reasons had returned with songs as strong as at any point in their career, they then backed that up with a third track close to Christmas, ‘The Old School Way’, which delivered euphoria and nostalgia in equal measures.

The band started the new year sharing a tender, piano-led new track in ‘Replicate’ and show their considerable faith in their new material with a fifth and final single ahead of release in ‘So So Soon’. A forceful rocker on the surface, the song has enormous meaning to their front man Colin Doran who had the following to say about the sentiments behind their latest song:

“My 7-year-old son has Cerebral Palsy and goes to a mainstream school. The school he attended at the time of writing this (he’s at another school now) was pretty bad and hid information, lied, and generally did a terrible job of looking after my son and his needs. They always gave the impression that things were fine but effectively were just making sure they were OK by covering up issues. My son is the light of my life and beyond incredible every single day and I wanted to draw light on how people with disabilities are still treated terribly in society by people who should just be better educated, more understanding, thoughtful, and kind.”

The band have also announced an intimate warm up show ahead of the tour at Hertford Corn Exchange on Wednesday 22nd February. Tickets will go on sale via pre-sale on 6th February to people who have pre-ordered the album before a general sale goes live on 8th February.

As well as the new music, Hundred Reasons have also recently announced the release of an official podcast, entitled Live Fast, Die Ugly: The Hundred Reasons Podcast put together by Tom Kwei. The four-part podcast series chronicles the band in their own words.

From their first ever performance at Kingston’s The Peel on Jan 22nd 2000 all the way up to their upcoming 2023 reunion shows across the UK and new album, Live Fast, Die Ugly covers everything anyone could ever want to know about one of the UK’s all-time unsung juggernauts: the global tours, the fiercely loyal fanbase, the top 10 album chart breakthrough, the anomalous Top Of The Pops appearances, the disbandment, the reunion and everything in between.

Colin had the following to say about the podcast:

“Tom Kwei came to us with the idea as a massive fan and we’re pretty sure he knows more than we do about the band, so it was a no-brainer saying yes and going ahead with it. We never considered ourselves the most exciting band in the world but turns out we actually have quite the story to tell.”