All Time Low make Wembley Arena feel like an intimate show

In celebration of their new studio album Tell Me I’m Alive, Baltimore pop punks All Time Low took over London’s Wembley Arena for a show that was made for the ages with stellar support from Games We Play, Lauran Hibberd and Set It Off.

In addition to releasing their album on the day, All Time Low also live streamed the Wembley show which consisted of a whopping 23 songs.

Opening their set with 2021’s PMA sets the tone for the career-spanning evening in West London this Friday night. And throughout each of the twenty plus songs that blast through the speakers of the near sold-out arena, the excitement never stops. Singing along to old and new songs, the fans welcome the four boys from Baltimore back to the English capital with open arms.

Taking it all the way back to So Wrong It’s Right with tracks like Let It Roll following right on from PMA leaves no questions about what the band had in store for the night. There isn’t a single song that doesn’t hit and the bond between fans and band seems a hard one to break. The latter is one to be admired, with a die-hard following the band meet their audience at all times with nothing but gratitude and genuine caring. And when during Dirty Laundry Alex stops the music for a good ten minutes due to someone falling to make sure they’re okay, you know why their fans have a special place in their hearts for their “stupid boys making basement noise”.

And as much as almost any concert should really count as therapy, All Time Low playing Therapy with 10,000 people singing along should be bottled up and sold over the counter for serotonin-lacking individuals. And some of the fans forgetting the lyrics was both relatable and adorable at the same time.

And just when you thought what else could they possibly have in store, they hit you with a knock-out three track encore that encapsulates All Time Low in a nutshell. Weightless, Monsters and Dear Maria – the holy All Time Low trinity if you ask us.

As the arena lets out, there’s smiles all around, singing on the way to the tube station, videos being rewatched on the train and stories being told about the show for everyone to eavesdrop in on.