England v Germany @ Wembley Stadium, 19/11/2013

Happy early birthday present to me! If there is one football classic it is England v Germany. Though we (Germany) always win… well, most of the time anyways. And we did win again this time. This was also my first football match in the UK, and at Wembley. So special. It was a girls’ night out, which felt a bit weird with the audience being mainly male.


Walking up to the stadium we were surrounded by English fans belting out their best repertoire. Which was, as always, mostly referencing World War II. I guess, if you haven’t won the World Cup since 1966, you will be stuck in history a little bit (burn – yes intentionally). I tried to cheer for England as we sat the English section, but it was hard to keep cool when Germany scored and did end up winning, but I did much rather want to celebrate on the inside than get beaten up – yes English football fans do not care how old you are or what your gender is.

By the second half of the second half, even the guys behind us, who had used more curse words in the previous 60 minutes than I had ever used in my life, realized that England were not playing very well and they were going to lose. So they started cursing their own team and praising the Germans – much to my delight.

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