Frank Turner & Billy Bragg Busking @ Granary Square, 17/12/2013

This was my favourite gig ever, it’s going to be pretty hard to beat. It was a last minute tweet I happened to catch on the 17th December so I headed down to King’s Cross not entirely sure what to expect other than the info that Frank Turner would be busking for Shelter with Billy Bragg. The two men and their guitars, no security, no amps, no fancy lights – just a really cold December day in the middle of London. There is nothing more raw.

2013-12-17 13.18.37

The gig was to raise awareness and money for the homeless charity. They raised over £1,200 in funds from donation buckets. They stood up on a small improvised stage in the middle Granary Square with fans surrounding from all angles. They each played their classics but also a few timeless songs together, like the Kink’s ‘Waterloo Sunset’ and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’.

A shocking 80,000 children wake up homeless every Christmas morning, at that shocking statistic the unlikely pair felt the need to help. Even though their backgrounds seem incomparable with Bragg being a leftie activist and Frank Turner an Eton boy 20 years Bragg’s senior, their love of folk music and shared social conscience is what brings them together and makes the magic happen.