Women’s FA Cup Final @ Wembley Stadium, 01/08/2015

It was the first time the women’s FA cup final took place at Wembley Stadium and rounded up the successful year for women’s football in England after the ladies came third in a historic finish at the World Cup in Canada. The final score of 1-0 saw Chelsea ladies defeating Notts County ladies with one goal by Ji So-Yun.


It was a great family atmosphere and unlike premiership games it was friendly and supportive. However, also unlike in men’s football, the stadium was only half filled. For the FA Cup final for the men tickets sold out in no time. Ibn a country that loves football as much as England does and whose men’s national team usually does as bad as they do in international competitions they sure don’t give their girls enough credit.

The game started off fairly slow, not much action going on on either side until about a few minutes into the second half when things started to heat up and both teams really went for it. And unlike men’s football, these girls get up and play after they get knocked down and don’t spend minutes rolling on the grass getting something out of their acting classes.

Overall it was entertaining, however I did miss the competitive atmosphere at a men’s football game and the raw emotions.