Frank Turner @The Garage, London, 07/08/15

IMG_4044First things first, this was by far one of the best gigs I have ever been to, hands down. It was the release day for Frank’s new album Positive Songs For Negative People, PS4NP in short. There had been a huge hype around the new album and the small in-store gigs he had been doing. On Wednesday he announced that there’d be an intimate gig at The Garage in Highbury via Facebook and everybody just had a mental break down. Anywho, I got my name entered in a ballot and was pretty sad when I didn’t get drawn the first time around. But then, thanks to being on twitter at work ahem, I was able to find out that I needed to check my emails and there it was, the glorious link to buy tickets to the show. £5 a piece – only Frank Turner would do this

Before we move on to the gig, just a note on that price bit. £5 for an intimate gig for an artist people are dying to see in intimate settings. Normally, with pressure of labels and greedy artists these tickets would easily cost £80-£120 if not more. Some idiot actually tried to sell one of those tickets on StubHub for £354, as if anyone would buy that, but touting is an issue for another post.

Frank Turner at The Garage

I’ve been to The Garage before, the venue is one of my favorites in London but it is hot as hell –literally. There was lots sweating and stickiness going on. But none of that matters when one of your favorite artists is celebrating his new album. Support was PJ Bond – great guy, very talented you should definitely check him out. Classic guitar skills, beautiful words and everybody seemed to very much enjoy him.

Frank and the Sleeping Souls come on and we start off with a single from the new album ‘Get Better’. The single had only been out for a few weeks, yet everyone in the room knew all the lyrics. One of the things I love about going to gigs like this is that everyone knows all the lyrics and shouts them at the top of their lungs. And while we’re all singing the same song, every single one of us will shout them for different reasons. And of course not to be missed is the classic Photosynthesis jumping session.

The gig was a mix of all the old goodies and new songs from the new album. The encore had the ever lovely and beautiful ‘Angel Islington’ – my absolute favorite off PS4NP – and the classic ending of ‘Four Simple Words’.

I can hands-down, cross my heart, say this was the best gig I have ever been to. It was messy, it was sweaty, there was lots of alcohol on me and everyone was just perfectly happy. Congrats on the new album Frank, it’s a winner.