Less Than Jake @Brooklyn Bowl, London, 08/08/15

Less Than Jake at BB
This was the first gig at Brooklyn Bowl I went to when I no longer worked there, so it was a weird but wonderful experience. I’ve always loved the venue, it has amazing sound and fits just the right amount of people. Plus there’s bowling, what more could you want?!

I hadn’t seen either of the bands before so it wasn’t my usual sing-your-heart-out kinda gig. We got to chill on the lanes thanks to a very good friend, making it an even better experience.

Brawlers were the first support that night and the room was instantly buzzing as soon as they came on stage. I guess that’s the thing with punk rock, you’re into it from the first strumming of chords. The band seemed genuinely excited to be playing and interaction with the crowd was fun. Although at times it sounded a bit like they were doing some below-the-line marketing for the venue, but hey. Both support bands were definitely spot on choice for this gig, most fans seemed to know them as well which I find always makes the support perform a lot better than at gigs where no one cares. Next up were Anti-Flag. Those guys, I’m telling you, blew my mind. Just the right kind of punk rock to make you want to jump and dance, and have another beer. They also decided to have their drums and bass play in the crowd during parts of the set, so they moved the drums from the stage into the crowd at the front and the bass player jumped off stage to join the madness. That was pretty rock and roll.

On to the main act – Less Than Jake. The quintet from Florida really smashed it at Brooklyn Bowl. First of all, a punk band with trumpet (please don’t hate on me for potentially using the wrong term here, not an instrument expert when it comes to classical) could not be better. Less Than Jake are not one of those rebel, anarchy kind of bands, it’s enjoyable, fun, good punk. I felt like the venue was exactly built for this kind of gig. You could stand in the very last row and still feel like you’re as close as the guys in the first row – although nothing beats front row, right?

All in all I would definitely go see all three bands again if they played in London. If punk rock is your thing you’ll love them.

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