Frank Turner @HMV Oxford Street, London, 07/08/2015

Frank Turner HMV

Two gigs in one day and both of them Frank. I’m not complaining. Today is the day Frank’s album drops and everyone is so excited. I have been listening to it all morning. When Frank announced his in-store gigs I knew there was little chance to even get a ticket, and I didn’t. It was only thanks to one of my lovely colleagues and fellow Frank fan who had a spare ticket, and my manager who let me have a long lunch break, that I could even attend.

The location was on the very top floor at the HMV store in Oxford Street, where they have a little hidden stage. The room itself is layed out quite awkwardly as the stage is to the left of a long room, so unless you were the first 20 people, viewing was not that great.

Frank was playing by himself, no Sleeping Souls, just the man and his guitar. It was pure and simple – in a good way.

He played four songs of the new album: Get Better, the Next Storm, Glorious You and Mittens. Frank told us that we can sing along if we know the words, and that it shall not be like school where you’re embarrassed to already know the words. No embarrassment here, singing along, as always. ‘Glorious You’ as well as ‘Mittens’ were played in a slightly slower acoustic version. ‘Mittens’ is gloriously beautiful as an acoustic, slow rendition and you can really feel the emotions behind the song.

Frank then played two of the hits, so everyone could sing along. It was a great experience but in-store gigs are definitely not my first choice.

A notable mention goes to Frank’s seal t-shirt, which absolutely classic.

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