Charlie and the Chocolate Factory @ Drury Lane Theatre, 08/09/2015

Good morning sunshine, the earth says Hello!

Everyone knows the story of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, whether it is through Roald Dahl’s lovely childrens’ book or both film versions. However, you have seen nothing until you have seen this musical. Honestly. It’s a splash of colour on a rainy day, a truly beautiful story and a good laugh any time.


I can’t even decide on a favorite bit! I thoroughly enjoyed the grandparents in their beds and their undeniable humor through it all and the genuine love they have for their grandchild Charlie is heart-warming and reminds you of your own childhood and how grandparents would always give their last penny to see you smile.

The second, potentially most amazing bit, is the introduction of all the kids through a giant TV. I won’t give too much away, but it’s mind-blowing. Full of live, spot on for each character so that you know instantly what they are all about (in case you didn’t know before).

Veruca Salt was my absolute favorite character. Her expressions were priceless, and considering she is only a child – this kid is going places! Even when she was not the focus, her facial expression were exceptional.

It’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – it’s a treat for the little ones and the big kids.