The Boss Tribute @ Brooklyn Bowl London, 11/09/2015

It’s been too long since I’ve seen Springsteen live, so a tribute band will have to do. Not usually a big fan of cover bands, but always up for a bit of fun. I was sure to see some of the E-Street fans there, so I knew it would be a good party if nothing else. As always, Brooklyn Bowl has amazing sound, so there’s no complaining there. I’m not too sure about the chairs and bar tables being up on the standing area, it makes it less of a gig and more of a jazz café type of thing. You also had no one standing at the front of the stage, and rather sit on the stools or stand by the side barriers. They all could have easily filled the dance floor. Thankfully, when The Boss came on stage the first thing he did was get people to the front of the stage – great idea!

the boss

The chosen set list was predictable but nonetheless spot on. All the classics, some of the loved rare bits, there even was a dance on stage for Dancing in The Dark – Courtney-Cox style. Actually, that dance went through the whole venue, even on a bar table (Coyote-Ugly-style). It was thoroughly enjoyable and had everyone reminisce about any Springsteen they’d been to and look forward to more gigs coming up (hopefully soon). The covers were mostly flawless, such as Dancing in the Dark or Born in The USA. Slower songs were still brilliant, but lacking the Bruce-ness just a little. I can’t complain, it was thoroughly enjoyable.