Future Conditional @ The Old Vic, 14/09/2015

Have you ever seen a play that made your skin tingle? In plain English – goosebumps. This play was one of those. It may be my personal connection to education, nevertheless you will be able to relate to on point or another during the performance.

old vic

I don’t know much about the British education system other than the usual stereotypes about private and public schools, Oxford and Cambridge and elitism. Britain is still very much all about their classes, which is sad, considering we are in the 21st century and kings and queens have more of a symbolic rather than governing function. This play very much gets to the heart of this and how it affects everyone involved. As all good plays it all ties together at the end, and you have several a-ha moments of reflecting the first couple of scenes and what they meant. The characters are strong and the cast is well chosen. The audience even felt so strong about the topic that you could see people wanting to get involved in the conversation and give their two cents. Rob Brydon plays his role of Crane so spot-on. And at the end when he realises how much he has influenced one students life it gives you chills and reminds you of your own time at school and what teachers influenced you. Most of the time our teachers have no idea how much we owe them, and how much they influenced our success. And that even years later we will remember all their names, even if they don’t remember ours. And we would love to tell them what has become of us and thank them for their patience and guidance. The play also leaves everyone questioning the out-of-date school system in Britain and how opportunities are being given only to a certain class and that chances for lower class students often disappear in the strive for elitism at British universities and with British employers.