Nothing But Thieves @Electric Ballroom, 30/10/2015

Nothing But Thieves are the break out band of the year, having just recently released their debut album which hit the ground hard. This Friday they played Camden’s Electric Ballroom for a sold-out show.


The performance was mind-blowing, however, short. Understandably though. With only one album you don’t have that much material to play, so all good. The boys hit the stage at 8:30pm and had the crowd at their fingertips from the first riff until the last drum beat. It seemed like the entire EB was singing along to every single song and it was magical. A band no one had heard of until a couple months ago and who just released their album a few days before the gig suddenly had an entire room in London sing along to their songs. I can only imagine how mind-blown they were.


They do deserve all the praise they get. The sound was spotless and the singing by lead singer Conor Mason was out of this world. Flawless, and not just considering how nervous they must have been, no, flawless for any gig. I am one hundred percent certain these guys are headed for greatness (or world domination as they put it).

The gig definitely made me a fan and the album shall be bought imminently. If you get a chance and don’t know them yet, check them out. I promise you won’t regret it.


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