“We sing with our heroes 33rpm” – A love letter and farewell to one my favourite bands

I wrote this a few weeks ago but never got around to posting, so here we go. x


Dear Gaslight,

For the past three and a half years you’ve been an integral part of my existence. Constantly on repeat on my iPod on my way to uni, on my way to work. Constantly in my speakers in my bedroom – for dancing, for happiness, for heartbreak. You’ve been there through it all. You were, you are, my soundtrack to London.

I fell in love with you quite rapidly while listening to “American Slang” one day. You were always there for me when I needed you. You always knew all the right things to say. Somehow, sometimes my feelings fit into your lyrics better than into my own life. After a massive heartbreak of late 2012, you helped me get through you let me shout out loud (in my head) exactly how I felt “Where’d you get them scars? How blue is your heart? Is it sad enough o break?”

And when I couldn’t say the things I needed to say, you lend me a hand. “And oh, my my, it would break your heart. If you knew how I loved you, if I showed you my scars. If I played you my favourite song, lying here in the dark. Oh my my, it would break your heart.”

You explain perfectly how I feel about London: “There’s a poetry about these streets, it slips from your skin and goes right underneath.” And nothing makes for better dance music than the likes of ‘1930’ and ‘We’re Getting A Divorce You Keep The Diner’. Rock ’n’ roll goodness you can’t deny. You can’t help but shake what your mama gave ya.

Some of the best gigs I’ve been to have been with you, and it’s a shame not more people will get to experience it. I cherish these memories like treasure box of songs to shout out loud if I need to.

I never will forget you my American love, I’ll always remember you, wild as they do come…And I carried these songs like a comfort wherever I go. 


Me. x

Background: While I sometimes have trouble deciding who my favourite band is, the answer is generally always The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Libertines or Bruce Springsteen. Nothing can beat those guys. I won’t go all hipster on you and pretend I’ve liked them from the very start. I admittedly only heard of them in mid 2012. Just before I moved to London. I started listening to ‘American Slang’ and loved the album and the sound, and mostly the lyrics. It was downhill (or uphill, I suppose) from there. I was taken to my own musical Neverland and haven’t returned since. I met a few people at uni in London who were into the same band, and so the affection only grew. What’s more fun than sharing fandom? I had the pleasure of seeing them live in 5 times over the last 3 years, a record only Frank Turner currently beats. Screaming my happy little heart out to every single song just never gets old. Out of all 5 shows, my favourite was definitely the final show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The set list was everything the fans could hope for. 

If the old Horrible Crowes record is anything to go by, I think this new solo record will be epic and I can hardly wait. Maybe Brian will give it a test run in London, too. 

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