Chelsea vs Liverpool @Stamford Bridge Stadium, 31/10/2015

Watching Premier League games live is always a great experience. besides the swearing going on, the atmosphere is amazing. Now seeing two of the greatest teams live in action is even better.


The game was off to a surprising start when Chelsea scored after just 5 minutes while Liverpool was still getting into the match so defence wasn’t too strong to say the least. It was going to be an interesting match, with Klopp just having taken over as coach for Liverpool we were excited to see if he could work his BVB magic with the LFC. It was a slow first half, with lots of chances on Chelsea’s part but not so much for Liverpool. However, when the chance did arise for LFC just before half time, they sure did take it and nailed the equalizer.

During the second half Liverpool seemed much more focused and the defence was a lot stronger. While the stadium was growing noticeably more and more upset with he coach you could tell that something was off about Chelsea, something about the team didn’t feel right. Which only resulted in two more goals from Liverpool and that in turn causing lots of Chelsea fans to leave early.

One massive issue in English football remains – what is with the abusive fan behaviour? The amount of swearing is beyond a sailor’s limit and the readiness to fight fans from the other team just because they support the opponent is unbelievably alpha-male, neanderthalian almost. Everyone enjoys a bit of good football banter, but when it gets to the point of being ready to get into a physical fight as soon as the slightest insult is thrown at the other team is just beyond any normal human being#s understanding.

After the game, in the post match interview and further newspaper articles it became clear why the team had performed rather badly and so spiritless. An unnamed Chelsea player is said to have claimed he’d rather lose than win for Mourinho. Things have to be pretty bad in the team when a player would rather lose than win just because of the coach. But also, a player shouldn’t want to win for a coach, he should want to win for himself, for the fans, for the game itself.

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