Unity Rocks with The Libertines @ O2 Academy Brixton, 07/09/2016

On Wednesday night The Libertines played London’s O2 Academy Brixton for Unity Rocks and blew the roof of the place with a sweaty and messy, but just as epic, Libs party.


A little while ago, Libertines drummer Gary Powell set up Unity Rocks, a music-led charity to support Hope not Hate who have set their goal to fight the racism and fascism, and the general current politics of hate. And what a perfect night to celebrate unity it was. An audience that ranged from 14-year-old newly recruited fans to long-term, hard-core libertines. Young and old, girls and boys, black and white, who even cares? Politics cares. And to fight the use of scare-mongering to achieve political goals and to celebrate a community that will have none of that, Unity Rocks literally rocked out in South London.

Trampolene singer Jack Jones opens the Libertines’ set with his poetic performance of To Be A Libertine. A spoken-word piece meaning more tonight than ever before (lyrics below).

The audience seemingly in trance sing their unified hearts out to every line of every song carrying the self-proclaimed leaders of British indie-rock throughout the persisting sound issues. And what screams unity more than a room full of a little under five thousand people chanting the haunting lines of Anthem for Doomed Youth. And nothing, absolutely nothing beats the goose bump-inducing, heart-wrenching shouting of You’re My Waterloo.

For lack of time, thanks to the city’s constantly imposed curfews to protect the very people who run London’s music circuit into the ground, the setlist gets cut short missing out three songs to make a perfect gig legendary. The very fitting Time for Heroes, What a Waster and Up The Bracket may not have made a physical appearance but they sure were in everybody’s head after this emotionally-charged frenzy.


And as the clock hits curfew it becomes apparent that no one wants this evening to be over. Peter, Carl, John and Gary reluctantly leave the stage after much resistance in song and speech, and the audience bids their farewell to the night with an overpowering rendition of Albion. Showing their true and lasting love for the four boys from Camden all the while proving that music can bring people together letting your heart reign over your brain for even just a little while.

Thank you, Libertines ❤


To Be A Libertine

I know what it means to be a Libertine…
I know what it means to be a Libertine…
Driven, forgiven,  zero f***s given
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Illuminated, silver-plated, abused, misused
forsaken & fated
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Spat on, shat on, kept my hat on
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Broken chokin’, almost croakin’,
Look at me I’ve come back smoking’
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Time for heroes, weird not weirdoes
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Do you love Albion, this fine nation
Hate boredom, fear & desperation
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Have you heard the Rock & Roll?
Classless British & no control
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Something truthful, Something raw,
Something worth living for…
I know what it means to be a Libertine
Obsessions redemptions & deepest confessions
I know what it means to be a Libertine…

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