Three reasons you need to be part of #FIGHTBACK

Last Friday the Music Venue Trust announced they’ll be holding a gig to support the fight against venue closures around the UK. The venue: London’s Roundhouse. The artists? Not booked. Lighting and sound? Not booked. So why should you buy tickets for this? Let me tell you why:

  1. You’ll help save the UK’s live music circuit
    If after the closure of Fabric last month you still believe that London’s, in fact the UK’s live music industry isn’t under threat then you probably live under a rock. Venues are closing left, right and center, and as a fan of live music, as a person working in live music, this pains me deeply. There’s a very good chance some if not all of the bands you’ve seen live this year have at some point played a small venue around the corner, paying their dues, relying on said venues to give them a shot, or two, to get discovered by the big labels and make it big to play the huge arenas of this country. And yes, those huge arenas aren’t under threat. But what is going to happen to those intimate shows, those shows where you discover your new favorite band because he gig was free/cheap and you went just to check it out? Those bands will no longer have a platform to show their incredible skills. It will be thoroughly churned, standardized, all-pleasing pop sounds that will surround you in venues with little atmosphere. A sweaty punk show at Dingwalls or a heart-warming acoustic show at The Old Blue Last could all be a thing of the past if things continue the way they are going. What I’m trying to say to you is: The amazing people at the Music Venue Trust need everyone to roll up their sleeves and do what they can to help them win this fight.
  2. The line-up could be epic
    As of Tuesday’s update the charity received an overwhelming response with over 400 bands having offered their services, they have lighting, sound and even a paramedic. Tickets are currently £10 but only until Thursday. And they will keep going up once the band announcements start. Kind of like going to your favorite festival. You get the tickets early because you know it’ll be good – same here. Music Venue Trust have been working with a lot of bands and musicians to plead their case, The Carnabys were just recently announced as the charity’s patrons, and Frank Turner has been a supporter and voice for the organization from day one.
  3. Like seriously, the line up could be epic
    At the chance of repeating myself – this could be really, really amazing. Either way. It could be MVT founder and CEO Mark Davyd playing the banjo for 2 hours. However, for all we know, it could also be Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Star MBE rocking the Roundhouse stage for a good cause, and you could have ended up paying £10 for the whole shindig. Earlier this week Mark Davyd wrote an open letter to the two Beatles after an interview had aired where the pair was asked to comment on the crisis of more and more music venues closing. What this cause needs is the support of icons like Paul and Ringo – I mean, you can’t say no to the Beatles, even if you’re PM.


There you go. Three, in my opinion, very god reasons to go spend £10 on a gig ticket that could be the show of your lifetime AND you’re supporting one of the most important causes in music right now.

FIGHTBACK will take place at The Roundhouse on 18 October, and funds will help create a vital service to help stop venue closures. The event will support the launch of a brand new nationwide service from Music Venue Trust which will directly stop music venue closures by tackling the number 1 cause of those closures; the cost and complexity of legal advice and expert opinion on planning, development, noise and licensing issues.

To close it off, in the words of Mark Davyd of MVT: “We’re announcing an event today which has no artists booked, no infrastructure confirmed, because this is urgent. Every venue that closes is another nail in the coffin for our touring circuit. What’s happening to our Music Venues is an emergency which should concern every music fan, every musician, and everybody working in the music industry in the UK. So Music Venue Trust is taking action right now, and we are publicly inviting everybody to join us for just one night to support that action”.

Go to the Roundhouse’s website for tickets: 

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