Charlie Worsham kicks off Country to Country Festival at BBC Radio 2 Country stage

It’s that time of the year again: the UK’s biggest country festival takes over London’s O2 arena and Charlie Worsham kicks it all off. 

Country to Country has got to be one my favorite festivals. Because no matter how much you like or dislike the headliners, you can still head down to the tent and check out SO MANY other bands that you may or may not have heard of before.

BBC Radio 2 Country had their own stage at the indigo, curated by the station’s own Bob Harris. Bob has been a driving factor in more and more country and Americana music emerging in the UK, discovering new brilliant artists and making sure country fans get more and more platforms to listen to their favorite bands.

One of Bob’s discoveries is Nashville-based musician Charlie Worsham. He opens the three-day festival to a fully packed indigo on a Friday afternoon – with just his guitar and his voice. And from the first chord until the last clap, never once does Charlie lose the attention of the room. It’s feel good country music, but more than that it’s guitar skills that put some of the biggest country stars to shame (and constantly makes me think of Springsteen’s line in Thunder Road “I got this guitar and I learned how to make it talk”).

His second studio album The Beginning Of Things is out next month and we get to hear a few tracks off the new record tonight. Only in country music can you sing a song about outdoor furniture and make it sound like the most beautiful love song. The up-beat Lawnchair Don’t Care gets you tapping your feet and wishing for that Tennessee summer night on a front porch somewhere.

And we’re not back in London until the last note is played. With Southern By The Grace Of God we once again get swept away to Nashville and it’s never-ending magic to produce musicians like Charlie Worsham who couldn’t have done a better job at getting all of us in the mood for the weekend.

Charlie is playing at London’s Borderline this Thursday (16 March), and you should really go check him out!