All the cartwheels feels – Ward Thomas at C2C

Ain’t no harmony like a Ward Thomas harmony.

In the last two years the UK’s home-bred country scene has been exploding with new and emerging artists with incredible talents. One of those bands is Ward Thomas. Two sisters, Catherine and Lizzy from Hampshire, have taken the island by storm and if you’ve ever seen them live you know exactly why.

As the second band to play BBC Radio 2 Country’s stage at the indigo at The O2, Ward Thomas delivered a flawless set. After an unbelievable intro with a showcase of the band’s almost angelic harmonies we’re off with a party – country style.

Ward Thomas are one of the few bands, and country music one of the only genres, that can bridge the musical gap between generations of fans. The venue is filled to the brim with fans of all ages, all engrossed in the talent in front of them.

With two new songs (off the recent album), the two singers prove yet again that they are here to stay. Guilty Flowers’ catchy chorus and relatable lyrics make sure it’s stuck in your head for days – it’s the kind of song that you catch yourself humming while walking down the street and skipping (okay, who skips anymore – but if anyone can make you skip, it’s Ward Thomas, I’m sure). And while we wait for Lizzy to tune her keyboard, they announce that Material will be their next single – although that may have not been totally official just yet. But it’s moments like this one that show the genuine excitement of playing live and interacting with an audience that some bands have. And their music feels all the more genuine for it.

Ward Thomas’ second album Cartwheels hit No. 1 in the UK album charts last autumn, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s only upwards from here for the two girls with the insane harmonies.