Dave Hause sets our souls on fire with London show

Dave Hause played an incredible show at London’s Garage last night in an epic return to the UK. 

It has truly been too long since Dave Hause played London, and last night showed just how much his fans were in need of seeing him live. With his third solo album Bury Me In Philly fresh off the press it was the perfect reason to cross the pond for a few shows. This time with a full band, The Mermaid.

With Robyn G Shiels and Sam Russo as supports the night’s off to a good start. Robyn’s mellow guitar tunes are just what the crowd needs to settle in at the North London venue. Sam Russo then turns up the heat with his up-beat songs about the awkwardness of dating and being fed up with work. And as the clock hits 9.45pm Dave Hause and The Mermaid hit the stage.

It only takes a few riffs to know it would be a spectacular night. The perfect mix of tracks off all three records makes sure it never gets boring, with songs like Autism Vaccine Blues, Bury Me In Philly, Shaky Jesus and Resolutions. It truly feels like this is where Dave feels most at home – on stage with a full band playing songs about his life. And while it’s the base for any singer-songwriter to write about personal experiences, Dave Hause also displays that deep connection to his songs and said experiences on stage with an intensity that leaves little to be desired. With You‘s lyrics of “I want the next thirty minutes to feel like a fucking crime” was a definite call to action that night. As Dave introduces Dirty Fucker with a dedication to America’s new president and when the crowd wasn’t loud enough, an encouraging “They can’t hear you in America!” did the trick.

Let’s talk about the biscuit debate for a minute. Dave has taken a liking to (very) British treats, especially Ginger nuts and Jammie Dodgers. Song requests are met with requests for Jammie Dodgers by Dave. When the fan tell him he forgot to bring them Dave replies with a cheeky “Well then I think I forgot how to play that song”. But worry not, just minutes later, Jammie Dodgers appear, in fact a whole load of them for the whole band – how great is that? And at one point in the evening when Dave tells us about his new found love and when The Mermaid band member (and general kick-ass, multi-talented female musician) Kayleigh Goldsworthy throws her hat in the ring for Hobnobs a need for a vote emerges. The crowd quickly side with Kayleigh – understandably, Hobnobs are the best.

The set finishes with the ever-great We Could Be Kings which has the whole room fist-pumping and dancing and shouting along. To say there were goosebumps everywhere would be an understatement. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better – the encore happens. Cue goosebumps return as Dave takes his acoustic guitar and tells us this is the last time he’ll ever play this song. Then he strikes up the chords of The Loved Ones’ Jane and you see the room melting with adoration. Dave, what are you doing to our poor little punk hearts?! What a treat.

And as if all of this hadn’t been treasure enough, the band comes back on and we stay on memory lane with a rendition of the Revival Tour’s Prague with a shout-out to fellow Revival buddy Chuck Ragan. To finish the show with a cherry on top Dave Hause plays C’mon Kid standing on the barriers, shouting into the crowd. The show is finished and all that’s left to do is figure out what to do with all these emotions we now have. Time to have a Hobnob.

If gigs were like sex you’d most definitely need a cigarette after this one! We can’t wait for Dave to come back to the UK already, and according to him we won’t have to wait too long.