Bush play killer London show at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

Legendary British rock band Bush played a one-off show in support of their brand new album and it was magical.

Just two weeks ago Bush released their seventh studio album Black and White Rainbows. With a career spanning over 25 years, it’s not always easy for rock bands to stay relevant. But Bush manage just that with a simple, yet magical formula of keeping their original sound and adding just a dash of modern tuning. So it was no surprise that Tuesday’s show at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire ended up being one of the best gigs of 2017 and a huge return for the band.

With no support the band kick right into action as they take to the stage at roughly 8.30pm. The room is buzzing with anticipation of what’s to come. 2,000 people anxiously and excitedly waiting for the band that, very likely, was a huge part of their youth. The band starts off with their debut single Everything Zen from 1995 and instantly it becomes clear that tonight is special. Over a third of the set list are tracks off their debut record Sixteen Stone mixed with songs from all of their other six albums. It’s an homage to their die-hard fans, to the ones who’ve been with them from the start.

The band is pumped from start to finish and not once does it feel tired or exhausted. It’s an explosion of sound, an absolute feast for any rock music lover whether you’ve heard Bush before or not. And with Gavin Rossdale as their front man, Bush make this live show feel like Sunday mass. With a savior-like pose Rossdale takes in every cheer the crowd has to offer like it’s the air he needs to breathe. But it’s not a god-complex, it becomes clear that Gavin lives off the closeness to crowd as he stands by the barricades many times, getting close to the fans.

But that’s not all! Just before the encore as the band plays Little Things the front man embarks on a little walk through the crowd. Yes, through the crowd. An immersive gig experience so to speak. Up close and personal with their idol, the fans go wild all the while being respectful of the fact that Gavin still has a job to do. He even goes up to the second balcony and balances on the edge of it, in true rock star manor.


And just like the main part of the show, the encore leaves nothing to be desired. Bush give us a truly goosebump-inducing cover of REM’s The One I Love with the entire room shouting along to the lyrics. It leaves you buzzing and weeping profusely at the same time.

Bush’s performance at O2 Shepherds Bush was without a doubt a religious experience, almost cathartic. It had everything an epic rock gig should have and more. Here’s to hoping there’s more to come soon, the world needs more bands who play their live gigs as enthusiastic and passionate as Bush.