FIGHTBACK returns for 2017 to help save Grassroots music venues

After a successful inaugural 2016 launch of FIGHTBACK at London’s Roundhouse, Music Venue Trust are back for 2017 with another round of venue-saving charity goodness. 

Do you love live music? Do you adore the atmosphere of a small venue with all it’s cracks in the walls, the beer stains and the absence of air condition that make you sweat buckets from all the dancing? Then don’t let them close down. because that is the sad reality. Grassroots venues are closing all over the country. You can prevent this from happening AND have a good time all in one go! How you ask? Here’s how: On 17 October Music Venue Trust are putting on a gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Fightback has launched various MVT merchandise and special items, including artist signature T-shirts, VIP Fightback and aftershow tickets, and the chance to own an exclusive, signed Fender Mustang guitar, to support the campaign. The MVT Artists Signature series of T-shirts kicks off with a limited-edition shirt specially designed by Frank Turner. Just 200 shirts are available, featuring a print of handwritten lyrics signed by Turner. More signature shirts will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Fightback 2017 is all about artists and fans, because in the end Grassroots Music Venues are all about artists and fans,” said MVT CEO Mark Davyd. “Fightback 2017 will be working with artists to create something special that fans can own or take part in, with all the proceeds going to support the work of the Emergency Response Team.”

MVT strategic director Beverley Whitrick said: “Between 2007 and 2015, over a third of the UK’s Grassroots Music Venues were forced into closure. We were losing twenty venues a year, every year. Music Venue Trust launched our Emergency Response service in 2016 thanks to generous fundraising and support from artists, fans and brands. We promised that Emergency Response would make a real difference. One year later there are the same number of venues open. This isn’t rocket science. We can stop venue closures like The Cellar in Oxford and The Sound Lounge in Tooting, we just need the resources to do it”

So, earlybird tickets are just £15 – if you work in music, want to work in music, if you run a music blog, are in a band, or just generally love music, get yourself a ticket to support this cause. Lats year’s line-up ended up being spectacular and who knows what this year will hold!

Last year I put together three reasons why you should be part of this campaign, still valid, so here you go: Three Reasons You Need To Be Part Of Fightback.

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