Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings returns for 2018 and excitement would be an understatement

Ever dream of one of your favorite artists putting on a festival entirely curated by themselves with all the bands you love, or know you will love? Well, Frank Turner did exactly that earlier this year and now the festival is back for a second year. 

If anyone knows how to do festivals it’s Frank Turner. He’s played so many of them, I’m pretty sure he will one day become a festival – oh, wait.

Earlier this year in May, London’s Roundhouse transformed into a four-day “Frank Fest” with shows happening at the nearby Monarch pub, fan meet-ups prior to the gigs and a pub quiz organised by the amazing Safe Gigs For Women. Fans flogged from near and far to be part of something special. If you Frank Turner you know his fans are a close-knit community, like a little (huge) gang of music lovers (aka the Frank Turner Army).

The line-up is yet to be announced but if last year’s round-up of AJJ, Skinny Lister, Beans On Toast, Ben Marwood and more are anything to go by, 2018 will be even more epic.

Just earlier this week Frank received the AIM Golden Welly award for best festival for Lost Evenings and it was of course the perfect time to announce the return of the festival:

As the man himself would say: “Live is about love, last minutes and Lost Evenings.” so let’s do it all it all again next year!

Read last year’s review here: Frank Turner plays incredible Sensible Sundays solo show at Lost Evenings

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