New video: Felix Hagan & The Family – Hey I Want You

Seven-piece new-glam, high camp pop, punk and classic rock explosion Felix Hagan & The Family have shared a new video for their latest track Hey I Want You – and it’s the party tune you hoped for. 

It’s the newest track from their debut album Attention Seeker which is set for release on 24 November. About the record, Felix said: “Our signature sound is a very high-energy blend of glam, pop, disco and classic rock, so we will forever owe our style to Queen and Abba. But our defining influence is the world of musical theatre, the idea that songs are there to entertain, and should be as BIG as possible and never ever boring.”

“On this record we massively diversified our stylistic and production palette, and listened to all manner of things like D’Angelo, John Grant and the New York Dolls. We have our usual huge banging crowd pleasers, but we have plenty of more subtle and quieter songs to go with them. There’s something there for everyone.”

Check it out below: