New video: Kenny Foster – Stand

Following a successful first UK tour earlier this month, Nashville singer-songwriter Kenny Foster has released the video for his latest single Stand.

Kenny said: “I’m not a morning person. So sunrise shoots, as romantic as they seem, do not jive with me unless I’ve been up since the night before. But every time I do get out into it and watch nature do its thing, the way it always has… it’s inspiring for me. The slow, repetitive acts of beauty that we miss due to our schedules and our goings on. It helps make me feel small which, in turn, helps me feel strong. I can’t really explain that dichotomy. Being humble in the eyes of God and his creation is the thing that helps me feel most in tune with truest myself. It makes me feel most powerful. Working with Kenny Jackson was fantastic. He had a vision. He had a location. The stars aligned. I love the old west. It just has an ancient, desolate feel about it, and finding a way to put this wayward vagabond on a soul-searching mission in the face of life’s never-ending turmoil was cool to me. A moment of resolution after searching within, rather than without.”

Check out the video here:


Director/producer Kenny Jackson of Anthem Pictures commented “I was immediately drawn to Kenny’s energy and knew I needed to work with him – I was intrigued and challenged with what he was working towards. I wanted to document this moment in independent music creation in Nashville. I wanted to support his passion, which is infectious. We had discussed a few ideas for music videos, but as I was prepping for another shoot in Vegas it dawned on me that Kenny would be in town as well. I called him up and asked him if he wanted to hang in the desert for a morning. It was a stupid question…of course he did. We got out there at sunrise it all represented Kenny and this song so well; the color, the mood, the stark contrast of majestic mountains with determined life clinging to the sand and rocks. Honestly, all we had to do was start rolling.”

Stand is the latest single off Kenny’s debut full-length album Deep Cuts, produced by Mitch Dane.

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