Brian Fallon shares new track ‘Forget Me Not’

It’s the first single off his upcoming sophomore solo record Sleepwalkers, out February 2018. 

The track comes on the same day his European tour for 2018 is going on sale, because who doesn’t love a soundtrack to the stressful process of buying tickets. And when it comes to reducing stress, this track sure does the job. It’s extremely catchy chorus and playful melody is a perfect follow-up to the sound of Fallon’s debut solo record Painkillers, released in 2016.

But don’t let the up-beat sound fool you, lyrically we still see a melancholic romance theme talking about what happens when we go and will we be remembered.

“Playing melancholy songs that somehow made us feel a whole lot better” is one of those lines that resonate most as that is exactly what his songs, and what Gaslight Anthem songs, are for his fans.

I’d be inclined to go as far as to say, this track very much reminds of an old school Gaslight Anthem track, and I’m here for that. The more intense vocals take you back to The ’59 Sound eraBut let’s not reminisce, Brian Fallon has evolved as a songwriter, creating a sound that does not alienate longterm fans but that will also gain him a lot of new followers with an accessible, timeless rock sound that only a few are able to create these days.

Have a listen to Forget Me Not:

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