The Wandering Hearts pack out London’s Borderline

Folk-pop quartet The Wandering Hearts played an atmospheric, sold-out show that proves they are ones to watch. 

On Tuesday night, London-based The Wandering Hearts took over Soho’s Borderline with their signature blend of alt-country, folk and Americana with a dash of pop to wow everyone in attendance.

Support on the night cam from 17-year-old singer-songwriter Eleanor Nelly who sang to us about heart-break, longing to be on holiday and being far away from home. She’s been gigging since she was thirteen so the confidence she carries is no surprise, on the contrary, it’s impressive and extremely intriguing.

Then, Chess, Tara, Tim and AJ take to the stage accompanied by double bass player Lee Campbell. Lit up with a chain of lightbulbs, the stage only adds to the Nashville party feel we get tonight. Kicking off their set with a fierce performance of Fire & Water, The Wandering Hearts set the tone for the night and illuminate the room with an energy they don’t lose until the last note is played.

The band have recently been on tour with country legend Marty Stuart who decided to take the four-piece under his wings, which if you know Marty Stuart is a BIG deal. But it’s clear why he decided to so. Tracks like Heartbreak Hotel and If I Fall follow and showcase the group’s immense harmonies and musical talents. Whether it’s uptempo catchy tunes or slow ballads like Never Expected This, which AJ wrote for his now fiancée after they met in Nashville five years ago. “My heart has found its home” AJ pleadingly sings into the mic, putting his heart out on a plate and melting all our hearts.

For Burning Bridges, The Wandering Hearts step away from the mics, unplug the guitars and just let their harmonies speak for themselves, solely accompanied by Tim’s guitar. The soft ballad is set to be the band’s next single, by the way.

Debut single Wish I Could saw the packed Borderline singing along and the band was clearly in awe. It’s that moment in a group’s career when they realise they actually have a following of proper fans – and that is heart-warming, especially when it’s so humbly received. “You put me out of a job with the woo woos! I hate London.” Tim jokes afterwards.

This is followed by the stomping, folk-pop track Devil. It has the room dancing and, of course, singing along. It has an anthemic tinge to it that has mainstream radio and chart potential whether you’re into country or not. A hint of Mumford and Sons so to speak, in the best sense of the comparison.

Just before the encore and Rattle, Tim continues the stage banter with jokingly questioning whether or not they were at the stage where people accept sweaty towels from the band.

On that night one thought doesn’t seem to leave my mind – if they keep going like this, The Wandering Hearts will soon be filling O2 Academies and arenas in the UK no doubt.  


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