Charlie Worsham and Lucie Silvas play London’s Islington Assembly Hall

Lucie Silvas invited Charlie Worsham out on tour with her and it was a sound for sore ears (see what I did there!). 

Things I love about the UK country/folk/Americana scene is people discover new organically, hence audiences at smaller country shows are there because they genuinely enjoy the music and the artist rather than just taking a selfie at the coolest show in town. Having an appreciative audience also means a more attentive and engaging audience – dancing all around!

British-born singer-songwriter Lucie Silvas moved to Nashville a few years ago after taking a break from singing and focusing more on the songwriting side of things. In 2016 she released her latest record Letters To Ghosts and has teased new music coming very soon. To celebrate she hit the road with long-time buddy and fellow Nashville resident Charlie Worsham, kicking off their UK run at London’s Islington Assembly Hall.

And it seems to be the perfect match – both artists ooze joy on stage, being fully into their craft and feeding off the simple fact of playing live music. Charlie Worsham gets the evening off the ground with a Nashville-style party.

First track Please People Please, off his sophomore record The Beginning Of Things, gets you right in the dancing mood with its tinges of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty. This run of shows marks the first time Charlie is playing to UK audiences with a band and it suits him. While the solo acoustic sets sure do have their own endearing charm, the band add another level of depth and layers of sound to really fill the walls of the North London venue.

“I’ve been coming to your country for a few years now and I’ve been wanting to bring along an electric guitar with me since the first time I was here. So here goes nothing…” the singer notes before launching into Take Me Drunk I’m Home – a track that resonates extremely well with the British audience, whether it’s for its nod to the four lads from Liverpool with a take on the riff of the Beatles’ I Feel Fine or the complete relatability of the lyrics (G&T anyone?).

If you’ve seen Charlie live before (if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you do!), you’ll know he knows his way around a guitar. He showcases those skills once again tonight, especially with a brilliant guitar solo in How I learned to Pray. The set finishes with audience request Mississippi in July, and Southern-to-the-bones tracks Lawnchair Don’t Care and Southern By The Grace Of God. 

When Lucie Silvas takes to the stage, the Islington Assembly Hall is nearly fully packed and fans are eagerly waiting to hear the London-born singer – and boy, are they in for a treat!

First Rate Heartbreak and Kite opened Lucie’s set. The two brand new tracks wouldn’t be the only new ones played that night. Lucie Silvas has been busy writing new tracks back in Nashville and her UK fans get a taster of what the new album E.G.O. (due in 2018) is going to sound like. Smoking Your Weed is another new tune the singer performs, explaining that her husband and his friends used to hang around with a girl, “and John’s friend thought she was hot and that he had a chance” she explains “but he said ‘Nah man, she just wants to smoke your weed'”.

Ballads are a-plenty tonight, it’s something Lucie does well with her bluesy vocals. I Want You All To Myself and Just For The Record really do make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but new song Everything Looks Beautiful is the goosebump tune of the night. It’s so motown-y and sexy, it just makes you want to be in love! 

Just before the end of her set, Lucie Silvas performs a cover of the Jackson 5’s Who’s Lovin’ You. And if you weren’t entirely blown away at this stage, you definitely would be now. The song shines a spotlight once again on the powerhouse that is Lucie’s voice.

Queue the dancing for Letters To Ghosts, title-track of Silvas’ latest release, as Charlie Worsham joins the stage to play the mandolin. “Charlie was one of the first people I met in Nashville, he introduced me to my husband John!” Lucie says as she welcomes him on stage. The 18-track set culminates in an encore of Breathe In (with Charlie on the mandolin again), previously mentioned new track Everything Looks Beautiful and beautiful ballad Pull The Stars Down. 

For one night Lucie Silvas and Charlie Worsham brought us the sound of Nashville on a cold November Monday. Here’s to new music and (hopefully) more touring for the new year. 

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